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Within the core of my artistic endeavors lies the enigma of identity—the interplay between our existence and the surrounding world, as well as the profound connections we forge with one another. Through my drawings, I invite the beholder to immerse themselves in the realm we inhabit, prompting introspection on whether we truly pause to savor the marvels that envelop us. It is my aspiration, through artistry, to transport the viewer into an alternate dimension—one that perpetually resides in our midst, yet often eludes our grasp. By faithfully capturing reality's essence, my aim is to bestow upon the observer a renewed emotional outlook, one that enables appreciation for the mundane instances we encounter, recognizing that individuals extend beyond their mere appearance.
Although my creations derive inspiration from photographs, videos, and still images, my intent surpasses mere replication. Rather, I harness these visual references as a conduit to transcend the photograph itself. The photo acts as a vessel, allowing me to hone in on the subject matter with subtlety and intricacy—a metamorphosis from virtual to vivid, an amplification of the commonplace. Each meticulously detailed object and scene within my artwork weaves an illusory tapestry, birthing a reality not beheld in its original form. The Hyperrealist style thrives on its meticulous attention to detail and the portrayal of subjects. These hyperrealistic paintings and sculptures do not confine themselves to strict interpretations of photographs, nor do they serve as literal illustrations of specific scenes or subjects. Instead, they harness additional, often subtle, pictorial elements, conjuring a reality that eludes human sight or does not exist at all. Moreover, these creations may intertwine emotional, social, cultural, and political themes, expanding upon the visual deception painted before us—a distinctive departure from the more literal foundations of traditional Photorealism.
"It was the straying that found the Path direct."


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